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Northern Ireland

Mystery Run 2013

Mystery Run 2013

Arriving at Springsteens Diner you could have thought it was just a dream. Rodger Daldry was already having breakfast, whilst Sonny and Cher had just arrived in their limo. There was also a couple of ‘flower people’ wondering about in a daze but they turned out to be the organisers, Beryl and Stephen.  What a day lay ahead!

Following a hearty breakfast and a debriefing of the plans for the day the cars headed off at one minute intervals. The morning run did create some problems with Charlie Annan’s car breaking down due to what at first seemed a shortage of petrol but eventually was diagnosed as a faulty fuel pump but not before Rodger Daltry sorry Alan Smythe had to drive to a local filling station to get petrol, what a sight that most have been for the staff at the station!

Following lunch at a very interesting garden centre and loosing at least 25% of the cars on route we all eventually made it to the Halfway House for the evening meal. After everyone had eaten we had the opportunity to hear the correct answers to the clues and although this year a McNeill did win the first prize it was not Trevor and Linda but Michael and Sarah, well done. It was a close contest with 5 couples tying for joint first before a tie breaker question identified the final winners.

All the dresser uppers had to stand whilst the restaurant manger selected his choice of who was the most appropriate dressed.  Grandpa Robinson won it!

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