26th May 2022

MG Owners' Club Northern Ireland

Promoting the Enjoyment of MG Motor Cars

Club Events

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MG Owners’ Club Northern Ireland Events 2021 to 2022

Entry forms can be downloaded below. Payment information is listed on the form.

North Coast Run Entry Form 5th June 2022
4th December 2021Christmas DinnerDerek Kerr
19th December 2021Festive Music & Yarns via Zoom Sandra & Ian
31st January 2022 Club Meeting Night Committee
28th February 2022 Club MeetingCommittee
28th March 2022 Club Meeting Night Committee
10th April 2022 Warm Up RunDesie
24th April 2022 First Club RunRichard Scott
25th April 2022Club Meeting Night Committee
8th May 2022All Day RunIan
22nd May 2022UAC Event at Mount StewartCommittee
30th May 2022Club MeetingCommittee
5th June 2022Chairman’s RunDerek KerrYes
20th – 22nd June 2022 Donegal Tour 3 Nights Mike/Committee
26th June 2022Afternoon EventSam/Trevor
27th June 2022Club Meeting Committee
10th July 2022 Afternoon RunTrevor/Raymond
24th July 2022Afternoon Run ?
14th August 2022MGB Celebration Day Committee
28th August 2022All Day Run/DIY BBQHeather
11th September 2022Afternoon Run?
18th September 2022Heritage RunTrevor
25th September 2022 Laying Up Run?
26th September 2022Club Meeting Committee
31st October 2022Club Meeting & AGM Committee
28th November 2022Club MeetingCommittee
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