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Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster: Part 1

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Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster Part 1 - MG Owners' Club Northern Ireland
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This is the story of a Yellow MGB Roadster that started its life on the 19th June 1978 here in Northern Ireland. A chap living in Portadown at that time bought it new from Howard Abraham Motors in Lurgan. I have owned a number of M.G. Cars over the years but I bought this car in early March 1980 from a dealer in East Belfast who is still in business today. When I saw the ad in the Belfast Telegraph it listed the mileage at 1,400, I said to myself “that will be a printing error the mileage will be 14,000”.

In due course I made the appointment and went along to view the car. I expected to see a car in good condition because the price tag was £3,400, about the right price at the time for a good clean example. I had been to see a Red MGB Roadster at Kane’s of Comber with 17,000 miles on the clock and about the same age and price. When I saw the car I could and did not believe the mileage (1,400) and the condition, it was as they say just out of the box.

Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster MGOCNI 3

After a bit of the usual barter the dealer settled on £3,200 for a straight deal. I have now owned the car since then and I personally have been behind the wheel for most of the 104,000+ miles that are now on the clock. The head has never been off the engine and she runs as sweet as a nut to this day. A new clutch had to be fitted at 82,000 miles and that up to now has been the only major repair to the car.

The car is now 28 hours into a restoration project and I enclose some pictures as she stands at this time.  She has been completely stripped and the condition of the under body is around 90% solid. This I am sure is down to the rust proofing it had from new. The name Endrust – Armaglaze Centre, Station Road, Moira was on the hood window.  I took the car down to a farm there in Moira on the 16th November 1981 and had the car topped up again by the N.I. Agent. Mr Mawhinney was probably a farmer trying to move into other business ventures just as farmers still do today. What I can tell you it was the best £20.00 I ever spent.

Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster MGOCNI 2

I will keep you up to date on how we are getting along with this project.

Watch this space and enjoy the pictures.

Bye for now,

Desie Boyd, Treasurer, MG Owners’ Club Northern Ireland

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