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Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster: Part 2

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Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster Part 2 - MG Owners' Club Northern Ireland
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The story continues now with another 24 hours under the knife. This now brings the total hours spent on the car to 52. My brief is to only replace it if it cannot be refurbished or restored, regardless of cost, as I want as much of the original car to remain intact. I could of course have sold the car un-restored and bought a newly restored MGB and saved thousands of pounds. But then I do love this “wee gem” of a car.

The tools used during this 24 hours are: Cutting & Grinding Disc’s, A Mig.Welder, under body paint and other various electric tools. Cables and pipes had to be removed from beneath the drivers floor pan. The floor pan was rust free underneath but because of my driving with the hood down for 30 years the rust has come from the inside. A period of grinding down rust areas and treating with Trustan Rust Eater followed. The drivers floor pan will have to be replaced; the original has become too thin to restore successfully. The passenger floor pan is as good as the day it was put in and will most centrally not be replaced. I like this as it adds to my brief of restore not replace.

Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster - MGOCNI 6
Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster -MGOCNI 7

During these 24 hours the removal of the O/S front inner arch reinforce and top splash plate took place. Welding of new and replacement panels then followed. Cutting out O/S outer & middle sill, castle rail and jacking point + 1/4 rear wing panel took place. This included dressing up metalwork to receive new panels. All of this sill area in and out will have to be replaced with new M.G. Heritage parts. No chance to save anything here, the sills takes all the rain, muck and weather. Not to replace would be like taking a bath with your socks on. When you go this far you need to replace all. I know I said try to retain as much as possible, but when you got to go, you got to go.

Did I tell you this: All parts Body & Mechanical will only be replaced with British Heritage Approved Parts supplied by Brooklands M.G. Centre, Dunmurry.

Fitting and welding: Spot welds have occurred at least every 2 inches to insure good quality fitting and strength on middle sill, outer sill and jacking point on these now newly fitted body parts.

I am very well pleased with all the work so far. We have all now stopped for Christmas and we will restart in January of 2008. Starting in January will be the fitting of new quarter rear wing panel’s. The rear wings on the car are in great shape and only a quarter panel is required. This again is due to the rust proofing from new. I cannot believe how good the rear wings, boot lid, back panel’s, fuel tank, rear sill, inside and under the boot are on the car. They are all as new!  Only the old cellulose paint gives their age away.

I will keep you up to date on how we are getting along with this project.

Watch this space and enjoy the pictures.

Bye for now,

Desie, Treasurer, MG Owners’ Club Northern Ireland

Restoration Account of a 1978 MGB Roadster - MGOCNI 4

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