15th July 2024

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Calling all MGB Owners/Restorers: Orders for the next batch of BMH bodyshells required by March 31

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Calling all MGB Owners and Restorers - Orders for the next batch of BMH bodyshells required by March 31st
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British Motor Heritage (BMH) builds two batches of replacement bodyshells for the MGB per annum, and orders for the first run of 2021 are required by March 31 latest. So, all those in urgent need of a new shell should ring their nearest Heritage Approved Specialist without delay, a full list of which can be found at www.bmh-ltd.com.

As owners of the original tooling, BMH is the only company able to reproduce MGB bodies to exactly the same specification as those manufactured in period, and orders for replacement shells have for some time been rising year on year. They are available for all versions of the Roadster and GT with prices starting from £11,548.95 (inc. VAT). There is even the option of seam-welded bodies for competition use. The full range of complete shells and myriad of individual panels and related fixings is listed on the website.

MGB Roadster Bodyshell Ready For Delivery

Since its formation in 1975, British Motor Heritage has built over 6,100 replacement bodyshells for the MGB, MGR V8, MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite, Triumph TR6, original Mini and Mini Clubman, as well as literally tens of thousands of individual replacement panels. The decision to put such genuine components back into manufacture using the original tools has been the saviour of countless classic vehicles that would otherwise have been scrapped long ago.

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