28th May 2024

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FBHVC 2020 National Historic Vehicle Survey

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As I am sure you are all aware the MG Owners’ Club Northern Ireland are members of the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC).

The FBHVC have created the 2020 National Historic Vehicle Survey and the MGOCNI would encourage all our members to take part.

According to the FBHVC:

“This is a critical survey for the historic vehicle movement. The term historic vehicle is used to describe all vehicles that are 30 years of age or older i.e. 1990 or prior, and we are referring to cars, motorcycles, buses, coaches, lorries, vans, agricultural, steam and military vehicles”.

The closing date is 15th September 2020 and there are a number of prizes on offer which we hope will encourage members to take part!

It is difficult to over emphasise the importance of the 2020 survey to provide the data to help the Federation to represent all enthusiasts and help ensure we can continue to use our vehicles into the future.

The FBHVC are aware of a motion put before one town council only ten days ago with the objective of cancelling their 2021 car rally on the grounds of emissions and pollution. We need to be ready to defend our hobby!

2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey

The infographic below is a copy of the historic vehicle profile that was created based on December 2015 data. The importance of this chart is that it shows the significant proportions of certain makes. 

2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey Infographic
2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey Infographic

Below is an extract from FBHVC News Issue 3, 2020 encouraging club members to complete the survey.

2020 National Historic Vehicle Survey
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