28th May 2024

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Killymoon Castle April 2019

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Killymoon Castle April 2019 - MGOCNI
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Our visit to Killymoon Castle on Sunday 28th April 2019 was organised by Richard Scott and his band of helpers including Ada and Trevor Haydoc, Maire and Ian Coulter. Richard had brought Stephen a family friend along with him as unfortunately Richard’s wife Rosemary has not been experiencing the best of health recently. 

Due to other commitments I was late arriving at Sprucefield and the group had already left although I did manage to catch up with most except of course for ‘formula one’ enthusiast Tanya not Mervyn Mackay.  Eventually we all met up with Richard and co except Jean Carelton. Nowhere to be found.  Whilst the rest made our way to Killymoon travelling behind Richard at a steady pace, Ian set off to find Jean. 

Of course when we arrived at Killymoon Castle who was already there, yes you guessed it Jean and Maureen and oh! sorry Ian and Maire. A word of warning, particularly if you have a yellow car, you could be stalked by Jean. Apparently she got lost because she followed a yellow car, just turned out to be the wrong one! 

The tour of Killymoon Castle and the refreshments were really top notch certainly one of the best yet. Dorothy had gone that extra mile and made it an excellent visit for all. The evening meal in Viscounts did not disappoint.  Many thanks to Richard and all is friends.  Thanks again to Derek for the sale of ballots which resulted in a profit of £61.00.

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