27th May 2024

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Mystery Run July 2019

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Mystery Run July 2019 - MGOCNI
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Following a hearty breakfast and a debriefing of the plans for the day the cars headed off at one minute intervals from The Old Mill. The morning run did not create any car problems and although divorce lawyers were at hand none were required although this was only the first stage so early days yet. 

During the lunch stop in the car park adjacent to Daft Eddys’ the numerous artists in the club were deeply engrossed in creating their work of art displaying Skettrick Castle. This was Alan Caldwell’s idea as a means of individuals gaining extra points to enhance their entry no doubt some of the artist impressions will be framed.

Around 3.00pm the second stage of the event commenced. Most of the drive was trouble free although some experienced some difficulty arriving at the final destination by the planned route but eventually everyone arrived safe and certainly before the 5.00pm deadline.  

After everyone had eaten we had the opportunity to hear the correct answers to the clues and although this year a McNeill did win the first prize it was not Trevor and Linda but Michael and Clare… well done. It was a close contest with Liz and Roy finishing as runners up.

Overall a great day well organised so thanks to Desie and Alan. Unfortunately one of Alan’s dogs had fallen ill so Alan to stay at home but Derek Kerr and June Stewart stepped in to support Desie.

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