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Warm Up Run 2015

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The Warm Up Run on Sunday 29th March 2015 was organised by Bob Sharpe, ably assisted by his wife Madeline.

Meeting up at the Ivanhoe, the weather was poor but some members still managed to brave it in their MGs.

Bob had gone to the trouble of producing a route map which was an excellent idea and made everyone’s navigation task that much simpler. At least that was the theory… but you know what happens to theories?

Yes, that is correct! They fall by the wayside and everyone gets lost.

That is exactly what happened. Even the leader got lost. Can you imagine 12 cars all trying to do a ‘U’ turn on a main road to Comber on a Sunday afternoon. At least everyone saw the funny side and it was good practice for the France trip. Heather, watch out!

Everyone eventually arrived at the garden centre, and following refreshments and some retail therapy, we then all successfully made the journey to the Millbrook Lodge where an evening carvery was enjoyed by all.

All in all a great day out and sets everyone up to look forward to a season of fun and games.

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